Saturday, May 23, 2009

For sale on eBay!!

I got one rack for sale on eBay, let's hope this works. I revamped my listing to 'comply' with their regulations. I'm gonna have to invest in a blue training gun. The lengths one has to go to...
The Freespace Pistol Rack that is installed in my gunsafe is the prototype. The production Freespace Pistol Racks have Plasti-dip coating, ensuring a scratch free rest for your fine firearm!!
These make a great gift idea!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I was using up shelf space in my gun safe, so I designed this innovative rack that places the pistol in the "freespace" that is available. I am the originator of this idea. I designed the tooling and made many prototypes before this one, making many that simply did not work as needed, with the quality that I could stand behind. Each rack is hand made, thereby ensuring the quality standards are met. In other words, I make and approve each one for sale. I designed this rack around the dimensions of my 1911 gov't model, but would fit many other like sized semi-automatics. I'm sure this will also fit short barreled revolvers. I tried to fit my 6" heavy barrel .357, and it was too barrel heavy for this rack. I will design another rack for that, that is in the works as I write! All racks are dipped in Plasti-dip to protect the finish on the firearm. Each rack includes an instruction sheet and wood screws for attaching to wood shelves. It can be attached to other types of shelves if desired. It also can be attached to other locations to keep your firearm where you need it, but it is designed for a gun safe.


Hi, and welcome!

I'm glad you are here, and hope you purchase one of my innovative pistol racks! I created this blog to publish pictures of my racks, of which eBay says that actual PICTURES of firearms are in violation of policy. I think that it is kind of silly, but I don't run the site, I just buy and sell there. So, I will post updates and pictures and all relevent information regarding 'Freespace Pistol Racks' at my discretion! As of now, I have to re-set up my eBay auction, or rather 'buy-it-now' and you will find them on there. Of course, I want to get onto the other auction websites and even gun shows. But that's what the blog is for!!